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Can’t See the Sign Sticker

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Nature does take over; making it a bit difficult to know what’s the real speed limit. 

Can’t read the Sign is inspired by the first Speed Limit Sign when Turing towards a Pukalani town. For years, the sign has stood along the road side without much maintenance. Yet, in recent I unfortunate event; the sign was runned over one late night & it now lays covered by overgrown grass. Rest in peace & memory overgrown Speed Limit 30 until we meet again. 

2.5 in. x 3.5 in. in a oval die-cut shape, are water and scratch-resistant as well as coated with protective laminate. This means that they look great come sun, rain, or snow and are ideal both indoor and outdoor use.

.: Material: Premium Vinyl
.: Water and scratch resistant
.: Coated with protective laminate
.: One sticker per pack