“Record of My Life” Sticker – This is Life Alani

“Record of My Life” Sticker

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"Record of My Life" is inspired by every trendy feed with that record player in the background with a pile of unheard Vinyl. True story.

Plus. it may hold the place for the most affordable Record item you'll own as a Sticker!

Circle Vinyl Sticker: 3x3"
Dishwasher Safe, Water Resistant, Weather Proof, and Scratch Resistant.

Accessory for any & more for phone case, Computer Set Up, Smart Tablet, Wall Art, Window Display, Car Bumper, Hydration Bottle, Skateboards, and even Notebook Covers.

Waterproof, Weather Proof, Vinyl Matte Finish and Scratch Resistant with easy-apply application.
Great for accessorizing water bottles, coolers, computers, PC set-ups, car windows or bumpers, record player covers, and phone case stickers.